Hop 'N Vine

Hop 'N Vine - March 10th, 2018 2pm-7pm Santa Clara County Fairgrounds - was created to promote and to celebrate the wineries and breweries of Santa Clara County. As our county's Fairgrounds, one of our key missions is to educate our county of our agriculture. We are fulfilling our mission through beer and wine by showcasing the rich history the two industries have locally.

Festival and Market


Hop ‘N Vine 2018 will feature 10 or more breweries ALL from within Santa Clara County. You will have the ability to taste from some of the oldest and newest local breweries !


Hop ‘N Vine 2018 will be featuring 20 or more wineries all within Santa Clara County ! Each winery’s representative will be present to answer any questions and to guide you through their wine.


Hop ‘N Vine is special and unique because unlike other beer and wine festivals – attendees will be able to bring home what they taste! Our market will be selling the wine and beer available during the tasting!

Lite Bites

Hop ‘N Vine tickets will include passed lite bites catered in-house by Santa Clara County Fairgrounds Food & Beverage – so while you sip, eat a bit.

Hop ‘N Vine University

Attendees at the Hop ‘N Vine Festival not only get to enjoy fantastic local beer and wine, they also enjoy learning about the agriculture, viticulture and wine and beer- making in the Hop ‘N Vine University area, where local experts give fun and interesting talks throughout the event. View this years speakers schedule !

Patio- Games, Live DJ – Fun

Looking for extra seating, music, or fun? The patio at Hop ‘N Vine will have games and music – from live DJ – for you and your friends to hangout in between tastings!

our event

An Event You Cannot Miss

Celebrating Santa Clara Valley

On March 10, 2018, we will be celebrating Santa Clara County’s Agriculture by featuring only LOCAL Santa Clara Valley Wineries and Breweries. Brought to you by Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, Hop ‘N Vine will be an INDOOR Festival and Market, inside our mid-century modern Pavilion Hall.

Lite Bites

Hop ‘N Vine Tasting Tickets also includes lite bites ! While you sip, you have the ability to taste from Santa Clara County Fairgrounds catering staff.


Hop ‘N Vine Tickets comes with 12 tastes – allowing you and your friends to try the wineries and breweries of Santa Clara Valley.

Hop ‘N Vine University

Hop ‘N Vine will feature several notable speakers within the wine and beer making community. Did you know during the mid 1800s, there were more vineyard acres planted in Santa Clara Valley than anywhere else in California?


We are currently looking for sponsors for our event. Visit our Sponsorship Page for more information or email vmerklin@thefair.org


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